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Green Dog Rescue Project

The Green Dog Rescue Project (GDRP) is the nation’s first predominantly “cage free” animal shelter and education center.  Founder Colleen Combs restructured the traditional shelter model allowing for a 24/7 communal pack structure for dogs. 


I have always had a tremendous affection for dogs, so when I got the chance to see the GDRP I was extremely excited.  In my opinion the kennel system has been around for far too long.  I think anyone that has seen a dog locked up inside a tiny kennel cell has felt a sense of pity.  Especially because dogs, which are social animals, are isolated from potential pack mates. When I saw the dogs at GDRP, all 89 of them, running around together as one pack it warmed my heart.  I truly believe that this is the wave of the future when it comes to dog rescue and rehabilitation.  I am happy to support them and I hope you will too.


For more information or to donate please click the link below.

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