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The Siege of Lothbrook

The city of Lothbrook is doomed.  It is only a matter of time before the Bailic armies break through the walls and unleash great violence upon the city’s innocent subjects.  However, the king’s alchemist has concocted a surprise for the Bailic hoard.  He has infected the citizens with the harrowing ability to rise from the dead and enact savage revenge.  Of course, he told no one about his little plan so when the finance minister kidnaps the king to force a truce it all goes very badly.  And then there is the sergeant of the guard Otto Grunt.  A fierce warrior known as the Beast of the Tyne and feared by all, except his mother.  This hulking brute is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure his mum survives the siege.  This leaves Anamara, a gifted actress, obsessed with fame and to her delight has been given the gift to control the city’s growing undead population.   They are an unlikely trio but find they will need each other if they are going to save thier city and themselves.  

Millennium Stone

In this charming young-adult adventure, a boy and his brave dog embark on a journey to find a magical stone that they hope will help save their kingdom from a terrible darkness that is threatening to destroy everything! 


"An engaging and entertaining young adult fantasy... with crisp, clear writing that keeps the story flowing smoothly."

 - BlueInk Review

"Millennium Stone is a wonderful fantasy story... that is unique and thoroughly enjoyable."

Foreword Clarion Review

Captains of Humanity

It's the Gilded Age and across the United States industry and innovation are booming.  Meanwhile an alien race known as the commune has taken notice and they are most displeased with the nations rising capitalist spirit.  In an attempt to bring equity and mediocrity to all, they dispatch their assassins and ready their troops.  Will the Commune be able to stifle America's growth and suppress its industrious spirit or will the captains of humanity rise to the challenge and save the world? 


In a small country near the Bulgarian boarder, a young and arrogant king named Nicolas narrowly escapes an assassination attempt thanks to a mysterious bodyguard that calls himself Malachi. However, the ungrateful king takes an instant disliking to his new guardian, yet finds that he must tolerate him as they venture through enemy territory to a quaint farm in the middle of know where. There, Malachi convinces the young king to remain for his own safety, and, to the king's utter disdain, take the identity of a lowly peasant. So it is, that at this humble farm Malachi becomes a mentor that takes Nicolas down a road of spiritual awakening. All the while, Nicolas starts to investigate the mysteries of love, as he finds himself falling for a simple peasant girl. Unfortunately, in the midst of his journey, a war, of Nicolas's own creation looms; threatening to destroy everything that he is learning to love. Amid this whirlwind the mysteries of Malachi are revealed as the king and his bodyguard depart for the frontlines, clutching to the hope that they can stop the war before it starts.

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