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About the Author

Jacob Emrey was born in San Francisco, California in 1979.  He grew up in Northern California and in high school he used to brag about his trip to Navada because it was the first place he traveled outside of California.  Clearly, Jacob had a travel itch that he finally managed to scratch after high school when he joined the Marine Corps.  As part of the presidential helicopter squadron HMX-1, known for Marine One, Jacob got to travel all over the world including his first overseas adventures to Ireland and Japan.

After the Marines, Jacob went to college and began a lifelong pursuit of martial arts focusing in Muay Thai and western boxing.  A hobby he still practices to this day.   In college, however, he decided to focus on history and got his degree in 2008.  And there is only one thing you do with a degree in history, you teach.  That’s exactly what he did.  Unfortunately, he got his


teaching credential the year after a real-estate crisis sent the job market tumbling so he did the next logical thing and got a job teaching English in Ukraine.  This experience would turn out to be a pivotal moment in his life as it sparked his thirst for international teaching, but it also introduced him to the wonderful people and culture of Ukraine.  In fact, Jacob returned to Ukraine at the tail end of the Maidan protests to see firsthand the passion of the country as it sought after positive change. 

After Ukraine, Jacob moved to Kuwait for a year and then returned to the US and taught in a charter school in San Jose, California.  He managed to remain for four years before the itch to venture forth into the wide world of international teaching returned.   However, during his time in San Jose, he wrote Millennium Stone which was his first attempt at fantasy.  Since then, to varying degrees of success, he wrote a series of books in an attempt to find his voice as a writer.  A feat he is still working on to this day and promises never to stop.

After San Jose, Jacob moved to Chengdu, China where he spent three years and swears he ate the best food of his life.  Then in 2019, he moved to the place he calls home, Bangkok, Thailand where he is currently living and working today.

Some of Jacob's favorite books

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