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About the Author


Jacob Emrey is an international teacher that has taught in four countries outside the United States including Ukraine, Kuwait, China, and currently Thailand.  He considers himself a true citizen of the world and his experiences have had a great deal of influence on his writing.  Most notably his time spent in Ukraine as he witnessed increasing tensions before civil war erupted in 2014.  He has since been back and wrote more about his experiences in Our Epic Planet.  


Before he became a teacher Jacob grew up in Santa Rosa, California and then joined the U.S. Marines.  He served as Marine One security for four years and left the military to go to college where he got his degree in History.  To work his way through college he taught self defense including Krav Maga and kickboxing. 

Some of my favorite books

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After he got his teaching credential Jacob took his first teaching job abroad in Ukraine and then Kuwait.  Thinking he had itched his international scratch, he moved back to the United States and taught at a KIPP Charter School in East Side San Jose.  However, after four years the itch to live abroad returned and he moved to China and then Thailand.  


Through it all Jacob never stopped writing and never will.  All of his books were written on vacations, during weekends, or late nights and he has loved every moment.  And of course when he is not writing he is reading.  Some of his favorite books are below. 

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