About the Author

Jacob Emrey was born and grew up in the Valley of the Moon in Northern California.  After high school he joined the Marines and served four years as part of the security battalion for Marine One.  After his service ended, he went off to college to get his degree in History and a high school teaching credential.  However, he was unlucky enough to graduate college and enter the workforce just as the real estate crisis exploded all over the world economy.  With very limited teaching options in the U.S., Jacob looked overseas.  Since then he has worked in Ukraine, Kuwait, China and Thailand. However, through it all, writing has always been his passion, so no matter where he lived, he was working on something whether it was a novella, short story, or novel.  His most recent work, Millennium Stone, was awarded Editor’s Choice by iUniverse and was received with praise.  Now Jacob has moved into the realm of adult fantasy fiction and has combined his unique experience as an international history teacher with powerful story telling to create Inferno Dawn!   

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