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The Siege of Lothbrook

The city of Lothbrook is doomed.  It is only a matter of time before the Bailic armies break through the walls and unleash great violence upon the city’s innocent subjects.  However, the king’s alchemist has concocted a surprise for the Bailic hoard.  He has infected the citizens with the harrowing ability to rise from the dead and enact savage revenge.  Of course, he told no one about his little plan so when the finance minister kidnaps the king to force a truce it all goes very badly.  And then there is the sergeant of the guard Otto Grunt.  A fierce warrior known as the Beast of the Tyne and feared by all, except his mother.  This hulking brute is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure his mum survives the siege.  This leaves Anamara, a gifted actress, obsessed with fame and to her delight has been given the gift to control the city’s growing undead population.   They are an unlikely trio but find they will need each other if they are going to save thier city and themselves.  

Dear reader of fantasy,


Are you frustrated that George R.R. Martin is still working on Winds of Winter or that there is only one Joe Abercrombie?  If so, I have good news,  "The Siege of Lothbrook" will be out soon, and it will scratch that itch while you wait.  It's an exciting stand alone novel (no need to get caught up in another endless fantasy series) with rugged knights who love their mothers, greedy bankers who love their money, and a beautiful actress who loves herself.  The book has something for everyone with action, adventure, and even some bad humor.  If you have that fantasy itch, The Siege of Lothbrook is sure to scratch it. 


Jacob Emrey

Chapter 1 
Coming Soon!

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